Organizations today need a strong, skilled workforce.  Companies need workers with the right skills to drive innovation, increase productivity and remain competitive.  With our diverse team of facilitators we bring only the very best to the table.  Our facilitators come to each training with personal experience and expertise on the topic at hand.  Our trainings are designed to empower your workforce, ranging from entry level to upper management.  In addition, each training can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.  Our goal is to equip the workforce, improve retention, promote skills, and provide tools for everyone to live well.

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Bridges Out of Poverty workshops offer employers, community and government organizations, social service agencies, businesses and individuals powerful tools for change. Based on Dr. Ruby Payne’s A Framework for Understanding Poverty, Bridges workshops provide proven ideas that will improve job retention rates, build resources, improve outcomes, and support those who are moving from poverty to sustainability.


If you've spent part of your life-or most of your life-struggling to get by in the world, the idea of actually getting ahead might seem out of reach.  But even if your story has been filled with barriers, vanishing opportunities, and setback, the next chapter can change all that.  Yes, you have to write it, but you don't have to do it alone.

Do you have employees who:

Have asked for a cash advance?

Are late for work due to non-related work issues?

You thought just went to lunch and they did not return?

Asked for a loan against their 401k funds?

Sit in the lunch room each day but don't each lunch?

Then this workshop is for you!  This workshop is for Executives and Management, Human Resources, Supervisors, Business Organizations and Community Leaders.  Our goal is to improve your understanding, your teams productivity, your organizations retention, and your results!

Reducing costs of turnover, increasing retention, expanding productivity, WORKPLACE STABILITY.

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How are you increasing employee performance and retention in an economically diverse workforce?

There is no question that increased worker stability boosts productivity, retention, and morale, which leads to greater profitability—but it may yet be a challenge you need to address.

In this workshop, participants will come to recognize the range of factors that create instability for employees. See how instability, employee performance, and profitability are related. Identify the most effective techniques and tactics for increasing workplace stability. Create an action plan best suited to your business, its culture, and employees.

Do your team members value and enjoy working with you?

Team members achieve optimal motivation when they value what they do and/or how they do it. To achieve this, leadership must communicate, clarify, and continually reinforce the company’s vision, mission, and values for those individuals to work as a team. As a result, an organizational culture that values its members achieves increased engagement, buy in, and productivity.

This workshop helps participants define and maximize the impact of three key components necessary for high functioning organizations: optimal value alignment, organization health, and workplace culture.

Bullying exists in many forms. Where does your company stand in the conversation?

Forty nine percent of our workforce is affected by bullying with 39 percent being direct targets of bullying. The impact of this intolerance is devastating. Bullying increases employers’ direct and indirect costs.  Bullying is physically, emotionally, and mentally destructive.

This workshop defines bullying and how it impacts the target, the staff, the environment, and the bottom line. It helps participants identify bullying and design the pathway to a healthier workplace environment, resulting in team loyalty, retention, and respect.

What are the dynamics of your organizational power structure?

Understanding power and the ways it is used and abused is crucial to personal, professional and organizational health. Knowing the difference between having power over and sharing power with is critical to staff development and organizational health. When individuals are provided with reasonable choices and the power to carry out those choices it motivates them to bring their own resourcefulness to work assignments and to remain committed when faced with job-related obstacles.

This seminar explores the types of power in the workplace and how to effectively navigate diverse power structures.

Are your team members providing excellent customer service?

Customer satisfaction is valuable, but customer loyalty is priceless. In today’s competitive world of business, it is becoming more and more important to deliver exceptional customer service. Organizations with confident employees working in customer service roles thrive. Along with well-developed strategies, patience, good products, strong marketing, a confident, well-trained workforce is the ultimate driver of success.

This workshop, developed for front-line employees, teaches creative strategies that empower individuals to rise to their fullest potential, thereby improving overall customer interactions.

Are you looking for tools to reduce stress and increase workplace wellbeing?

Stress can give rise to a cluster of physical, emotional and mental reactions. People who do not practice healthy stress management are more likely to develop negative self-concepts and job attitudes, potentially becoming detached, apathetic, angry or hostile. Managing employee stress helps boost morale, improves the quality of service your team provides and contributes to a more successful business overall.

This workshop examines the physical, emotional and cognitive effects of stress on our bodies, our work performance, and our lives. Stress management techniques are introduced through interactive activities as learning tools. As a result, participants are guided to consider and create healthy habits for responding to stress both on the job and in their lives.

How resilient are your employees?

Social Toxicity refers to the various social factors that interfere with the well-being and healthy development of the 21st century workforce. Effective development of the 21st century workforce requires an understanding of both the risk factors that increase negative employment outcomes, and the protective factors which serve as buffers against these negative effects.

This workshop will equip participants with the necessary resources for building employee strengths and decision-making skills for being resilient in and outside the workplace.

How do you create a welcoming environment where all stakeholders feel respected, included and heard?

How we receive information shapes how we relate to one another and how we experience the world. Developing and utilizing effective communication techniques is crucial to gaining the insights and skills necessary to reduce interpersonal misunderstandings and resolve workplace conflict.

This seminar examines the key elements every human being needs to feel that they are valued, respected, understood, heard, and that they are making a contribution. Critical strategies will be taught for addressing and eliminating communication barriers found when different communication cultures are not understood and respected.

Are you effectively resolving conflicts?

Productive work environments require relationships of mutual respect while recognizing the value of individual differences. Positive relationships create a foundation for a stronger, more sustainable organization. Conflict resolution creates a healthier workplace culture.

This workshop defines and examines the five different levels of conflict in the workplace. It guides participants through a conflict resolution process, utilizing reflective group exercises that harness the importance and power of collaboration in the work environment.

Does your team work with individuals who want to make a change in behavior?

Motivational Interviewing is an interviewing/client-centered counseling style for eliciting behavioral change.  It is a powerful technique for the integration of the powerful Bridges Out of Poverty constructs in our workplace environment.

This training equips providers and community members with deeper interviewing techniques and practices for skill building in enhancing client engagement and buy in.  This workshop emphasizes guided practice of these techniques with experience-based scenarios and increased professional feedback.

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