At the Schenectady Works Career Training Center, we want to partner with people as they…

…prepare for a job.
…retain a job.
…be the best at their job.
…grow a career from their job. 


In order to make this happen, we need an army of volunteers to partner with us.  Listed below are a number of volunteer roles & opportunities:

I'm Interested in Volunteering

Welcome Team
Creating a hospitable environment where men & women feel encouraged & empowered to pursue employment, career goals, and more!
 Assessment Team
Through conversation, coaching, & listening, you will assist clients as they identify their own employment goals, helping them to track their own growth & development.
 Employment Team
Work with clients as they write resumes, job search, submit applications, and prepare for interviews.
 Career Development Team
We want to support men & women not only in “getting a job”, but also staying in a job, being the best at their job, and growing into long-term careers.  You will assist clients as they develop skills in conflict resolution, leadership, management, budgeting, and more.

I'm Interested in Volunteering