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Schenectady Works is committed to bridging the gaps between the individuals who find themselves unemployed or underemployed and the businesses within our community who benefit from their contribution.  Founded in 2012, Schenectady Works is a division of the the City Mision of Schenectady, a 501-c3. The goal of Schenectady Works is to establish positive work environments and gainful employment opportunities for men and women of the Capital Region.  As an organization, Schenectady Works has experienced success through its development of a number of Social Enterprises which are powered by the City Mission of Schenectady. 


Empowering individuals and business through innovative partnership, removing barriers resulting in workforce success



We believe work is purposeful and helps to define who we are. We believe in the potential of people & local business. We believe every person deserves to be treated with dignity & respect. We believe humility must drive our service & innovation.


Schenectady Works can utilize your involvement in a number of areas! Empowering people is not a one man job.  It takes a community. If you are interested in becoming involved with one or more programs we offer, contact us!  We would love to get connected.

In addition, as a product of the City Mission of Schenectady, we do not receive government funding or assistance.  Your generous contributions matter.  It is only through the financial support of our partners, community, and friends that we are able to continue our work in Schenectady and the Capital Region.


The Career Training Center helped over 1,200 people receive employment coaching

The Employer Resource Network saved 397 jobs in 2017

The Ambassadors bridges the gap between employment experience and future career opportunities

Over 10,000 employees have access to a success coach