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What do we do?

Empower Health is focused on engaging the community in their health.  Health is about more than healthcare.  Empower Health works with clients to address their social determinants of health so that health care can become a priority.  Through innovative techniques our team is first in line to communicate with your customers.  In addition, our health ambassadors and health navigators are from the community we serve, making our ability to connect with clients uniquely effective.  Through our multifaceted approach we address many needs and build strong relationships, creating an easy bridge between the under-resourced in our community and health care resources.


How Do We Do It?

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Erin Simao

Program Manager
Yetzabel M.

Yetzabel Miranda

Operations Supervisor

Eddie Polanco

Outreach Operations Supervisor

Keisha Dunson

Health Navigator

Kristine Vedder

Health Ambassador
Victor B

Victor Bailey

Healthcare Ambassador

Our Health Ambassadors are actively in the community to connect with individuals and engage them in conversations about their health. This may include topics such as housing, food, transportation, health insurance, or primary care. Our Health Navigators then connect these individuals with resources to meet their needs and help them ‘navigate’ the, often complex, health care and social services systems. The goals of the Empower Health program are to: engage individuals in their health and health care, empower them to navigate and utilize community resources effectively, and ultimately, improve health outcomes on both an individual and community-wide level.